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Quality System

The process research and development team of Jinan Rouse Industry Co., Ltd. has a professional process chemistry team, in which there are more than 20 years of international pharmaceutical process development experience leading experts, and more than 3 years of production experience accounted for more than 80% of the total R & D personnel.

Based on our catalog products and the experience and knowledge accumulated in the development of these products, the company also provides high quality customized synthesis services from grams to tons of compound molecules related to these products and experience, as well as some challenging novel compounds.

The R & D department of the company has gathered a large number of R & D elites, and has cooperated extensively with well-known universities, forming a team led by doctors and master's as the main R & D members. We have perfect extraction, separation, synthesis, fermentation equipment and technology, with rich production experience and strict quality control system, always adhering to the "achievement of customers, happy employees" business philosophy, take the "leading technology, professional service" line.

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