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Our management team consists of an administrative team and a research and development team with rich practical experience. The executive team consists of a number of managers with rich management experience in pharmaceutical chemistry and biopharmaceutical fields. The research and development team has a number of doctors in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics and chemical biology as the core, with a number of masters in chemistry, biology and medicine, and a number of undergraduates in various fields. Our research core team members are in famous foreign magazines, such as J. Am. Chem. Soc., Org.Lett., J. Org.Chem., J. Med.Chem., Tetrahron, Terahedron: Asymmetry, Tetrahedron Letters, J. Biol. Chem., Bioorg.Med.Chem. Lett. His research involves a wide range, involving the extraction of natural drugs, structural identification, total synthesis of natural products, methodological research, preparation of chiral materials, new drug design, drug molecular activity evaluation, etc. He has deep attains in the synthesis of drug molecules and their intermediates, various high-performance materials and intermediates. We have good cooperation and exchanges with many famous universities abroad. The company will have greater development in the future.


Our experienced technical team can help you achieve seamless connection from laboratory scale, pilot scale, to commercial production, to ensure that your production process is fast


We have a perfect company management mechanism and management system, can be prepared in advance, early warning, after the summary, all departments, all personnel cooperate with each other, remind each other.


The company is equipped with complete laboratory equipment, pilot equipment, quality inspection equipment. From raw materials into the factory, the whole process of testing, the whole process is supported by data

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